“Within four bars, I recognise that a formidable, seasoned artist is at work…two minutes into the sonata’s first movement and I’m hooked by Kevin Robert Orr’s huge sound, pliable command of Brahms’s thick writing, bracing sense of rhythm, and generous phrasing... leaves the heart elated at the artistry on show.” Gramophone (UK)

“Kevin Robert Orr is a talented pianist. His touch is warm and his technique never struggles…” American Record Guide. (USA)

“His strong sound and classical ideas are well-matched to [Brahms’ Sonatas 1 & 2]. I particularly admired his architectural conception and sense of phrase.”Piano Journal (UK)

“Dignity and a sense of scale…a developing sense of narrative…” Piano Professional (UK)

“First-rate playing, expressive and assured.” American Record Guide (USA)

“Listening to the Sonata No. 3 as Kevin Robert Orr understands it, one would think that in 1853 Johannes Brahms wasn’t timid about costuming his emotional turmoil in musical composition.  The dramatis personae of the Allegro maestoso, portrayed through the right and left hands, are firmly and effectively directed in Orr’s intensively expressive interpretation.” Piano News (Germany)

“The audience seemed to have held their breath soon after the first note of the sostenuto adagio of Beethoven ‘s Moonlight Sonata…When it came to the agitated presto, the variety of musical images was easy for him to control, quite contrary to the usual way performers handle such unrestrained passion and substance…He didn’t play with his fingers, but with the whole of his heart and soul.” Sichuan Conservatory Review (China)

“His performances of the Brahms pieces, which he recently recorded…were superb….his interpretation portrayed a wide spectrum of colors and moods.” Natchitoches Times (LA)

“There are performers out there who are the equal of the ones we pay big bucks to hear. Orr is one of them….masterful.” The Vindicator (OH)